Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some Recent and Some Past

I want to thank Urban Sketchers for promotoing this Blog on their Facebook page. I am excited to be a part of their on-line forum and I look forward to contributing more. As we are wrapping up school it has been difficult to get the pen to the page, but these entries offer some interesting views into my obsession with dining, coffee and containers.

This weekend I was on a review at Carnegie Mellon University and the critics Dinner was held at E2 in the Highpark neighborhood. Amazing little space with a giant chalkboard and wonderful food. This sketch was taken at the end of the meal when the small dining room was bustling with activity.

One of the traditions my wife and I have is to have sketches on postcards of cafes and diners that we frequent (a habit we picked up while teaching in Florence). I sketch, she usually writes what happened, and then we post it from the town we ate in. This is a wonderful restaurant I took her to on Valentines day in Skaneateles NY. It was a little rushed but I did enjoy the quick textures and swift reflections that in very easy strokes provide a suitable sense of surface.

Following this theme of eating...weekend mornings are always a bit slower and relaxed. This Sunday morning the small cup of cocoa for my son and a fork and a glass of Orange Juice make the composition. small reflections of color and minimal construction lines provide a logic for the composition and a qualitative sense of the material. The rectangle, implying a table surface, unifies the composition. I really enjoy the fork which is the linear element among the bulkish forms.

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