Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not just Another Post Card

This one is a little special. It is from a little older, but it sits in front of my computer at home as a reminder to an amazing first year studio I had the privilege of directing in the Fall of 2010. We were at Empire Brewery in Armory square, our final hurrah, after an eventful iceskating venture...stitches and all...and as we finished our meal I was asked about my coffee cup series...The product was this little sketch where the whole construction was talked through so that it was understood that the aesthetic of the piece was the product of the preceision, technique and logic of a composition so banal as a mug and saucer.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Had the chance stop by King+King today in Syracuse to take some pictures of the MYOP(t)IC show which is up until mid-May. It is primarily the Florence sketches with a few smaller panels. The space is nice if but some what fragmented. Just a joy to have it up really. Here's a look:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2nd Story Coffee on Westcot in Syracuse

Well my run around town to differing coffee houses has expanded to Westcot St. 2nd story cafe you would suspect...on the second floor. A quiet lounge-Bohemian atmosphere. comfortale and spacious, it has all the quirkiness of a casual college matching chairs, ample soft and hard seating, and local artisans displaying their goods around the wall. Eclectic. Not sure how the green walls work, but ok. Just happens there was a guy in a red shirt at a table with red legs next to a small red table. In the foreground was my red mug. intersting.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wrapping up the show

 The MYOP(t)IC show ended February almost a month ago. The Italian Sketches have since moved onto King+King Architects in Syracuse NY. They have a small gallery area at their main entrance that is host to the series. Here is a sampling below, images of the actual display to come...

Teatro Odeon

Cafe at Cafe Nuovo Poste and a section of the Boboli Gardens

Lorentian Library

coffee sketches in Florence

Sunny Cappuccino

On March 8 2011 I ventured to one of my favorite Cafe's in Syracuse "Cafe Kubal"
The BEST cappuccinos in Syracuse without question especially since they just hired Chris. You can read all about him on the Kubal web site. Anyway this sketch was a "welcome" sketch for him.
You can see the shadow of the cup coming directly towards me. I was sitting at the window looking south around 1pm on a rare sunny day in Syracuse. The counter top was actually black (the darker smaller "shadow" is actually the reflection in the counter) but I find myself being too reserved to go full on BLACK. I even have issues with getting the colors darker and deeper. a nice part of the drawing is the cup and spoon in section in the upper right is one continuous line. The composition in the bottom corner is a massing sketch of components of the cafe.