Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cafe Express in Little Italy

By far one of the best little caffinated treasures in Syracuse, Paolo serves an amazing espresso and cappuccino. His mother makes the canolli and cream puffs and the conversation some how always turns to Futbol. This sketch was a "thank you" sketch to Paolo for treating me and my family so well last Sunday.

By now, if you are following this blog, these drawings are probably getting redundant. I understand completely. but the practice in this repetition of form and identifying place has as much to do with establishing a record, a memory, as it does in the exercise of the pen and wash. These postcards are akin to graphic or compositional push-ups or jumping jacks.
They are quick, repeptive, pretty easy in the beginning, but more difficult near the end. It allows the hand and eye to remain in dialogue over one of my most enjoyable distractions.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three lunch sketches

While waiting, dining, or just getting my mind off the days work, these sketches explore some of the spaces I inhabit during lunch on any given day. The line, the field, and the use of the square or centering to balance each piece are involved in the lay-out and composition.

Komachi's is a departure from the usual perspective. It is a planar play of edges and surfaces. This little Japanese restaurant off of Marshall street by Syaracuse U. has a great atmosphere and the interior design has several more sketches to capture.
Stopping by The italian Chef for a slice of Pizza and then to Cafe Moca for some of the best espresso in the city, I go from the mss produced image of Italy, to the most authentic Italian atmosphere I have experienced in the states.

These two were done when I was breaking in the new sketchbook. So they remain on the literal side. It seems after I attempt the literal lines of sight, the analytical come much easier. And there is always that quiet intimidation of the new book of blank pages.

In this case it is a 6 1/2" x 7 1/2"Kunst and papier No. 1004 16. The German paper is fantastic and the binding lays flat. The only awkward thing is the not quite square proportion. Otherwise I am looking forward to filling it up!

A very quick sketch on St. Patricks day at Ilario's Tattoria in Little Italy. Notice how the square saves this bit. oh And I got scolded for composing the view with the pepepr mill...wasn't mine to touch I found out. ha!