Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cafe Express in Little Italy

By far one of the best little caffinated treasures in Syracuse, Paolo serves an amazing espresso and cappuccino. His mother makes the canolli and cream puffs and the conversation some how always turns to Futbol. This sketch was a "thank you" sketch to Paolo for treating me and my family so well last Sunday.

By now, if you are following this blog, these drawings are probably getting redundant. I understand completely. but the practice in this repetition of form and identifying place has as much to do with establishing a record, a memory, as it does in the exercise of the pen and wash. These postcards are akin to graphic or compositional push-ups or jumping jacks.
They are quick, repeptive, pretty easy in the beginning, but more difficult near the end. It allows the hand and eye to remain in dialogue over one of my most enjoyable distractions.


  1. I'm glad Urban Sketchers posted this on their FB page. Great drawing. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Agree... beautiful drawings and great blog. Are these washes actually done with coffee? I guess that you are using watercolors in some sketches, but coffee would be a great concept. Don't know how coffee would behave after a couple of years, but for me the essence of the sketch is the playfulness, informality and spontaneity conveyed.

    Could you share a bit about your process, and what paper, ink, brush you use? Thanks, I'll be following.