Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunny Cappuccino

On March 8 2011 I ventured to one of my favorite Cafe's in Syracuse "Cafe Kubal"
The BEST cappuccinos in Syracuse without question especially since they just hired Chris. You can read all about him on the Kubal web site. Anyway this sketch was a "welcome" sketch for him.
You can see the shadow of the cup coming directly towards me. I was sitting at the window looking south around 1pm on a rare sunny day in Syracuse. The counter top was actually black (the darker smaller "shadow" is actually the reflection in the counter) but I find myself being too reserved to go full on BLACK. I even have issues with getting the colors darker and deeper. a nice part of the drawing is the cup and spoon in section in the upper right is one continuous line. The composition in the bottom corner is a massing sketch of components of the cafe.

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