Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers

Our Mother's day tradition is for my son and I to wake up early, walk to our neighborhood park and pick flowers, branches, leaves, etc...and have them on the table before my wife wakes up. She gave me the stipulation 3 years ago that she did not want me buying flowers for Mothers day...BUT as all sons know, flowers must be present on Mothers day. So the resolution to the dilemma is to "discover" flowers. So our morning quest begins and this is what we found. I really don't know what they are. Four pointed yellow petals from a thin branched bush; tiny white petaled clusters from a blooming shrub; oval leafed sprigs, and what I think are the arching collection of 5 petaled bradford pear bundels. Not sure on the last one...all I know is I recommend not picking these for your other. They smell terrible. Other then that my boy was so excited to bring these in the house and shout "SURPRISE MOM!" and no matter the olfactory offense of the flowers, she loved them anyhow and gave him a huge hug! and he beamed.

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