Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recent sketches

It has been noted to me, nore then once, that nothing new has been posted since Mothers Day. We are now in June and something has to go up. A small glass, a milkshake with my boy and view of Westcot street for Mike Ma.

The small glass contained an iced espresso from Cafe Express in Syracuse. SO GOOD.
The little combination of containers is just a record of a day with my 3 yr. old boy and sharing our first Milkshake. Chocolate. It was served to us at the Solvay Diner in Syracuse where the space is craving to be drawn some more.

This one is for Mike Ma, checkout his blog "booksketchin". This is a view down Westcott st. near the Syracuse Campus. I'm sitting in fromt of an amazing Latin restaurant, alto Cinqo. The sun was sharp the air hot but the shade provided just enough cover to enjoy the fare.

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