Thursday, May 3, 2012

O'Hare layover sketch

Traveling back from Dallas to Syracuse this week,  I had a flight cancelled in Chicago. This gave me an unexpected 4 hour layover. Ample time to traverse the concourses and see the many spaces that link travelers with commerce and flights. So I walked by Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and noticed they had paper atop there linen covered tables. I also saw an opportunity. Since I had the time, I chose a seat that provided a great perspective through the terminal. and so through the course of the meal this drawing was generated.

and then a quick re-peat in the sketchbook.

At the end of the meal the waitress asked if I was going to throw it away. I said it was her table and she could do with it what she'd like. I paid my tab, got up and left. When aptly lost in the many passing by I looked back and saw she had brought some staff over. She loved it and kept it. Funny how a simple sketch can connect with someone...when what they take for granted is elevated to art asking them to take inventory of their location in a new (and maybe inspiring) way.

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