Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers for Mommy

So in an ever relentless and seemingly unimproving exercise of love, the flowers given to my wife on holidays (namely Valentines and Mothers day) are forever recorded in a watercolour sketch. But as I amass more and more of these visual ventures I'm always confronted by my own impatience and shortcomings when it comes to watercolours. So the sentiment is always more sweet then the work, but the lessons remain both invaluable and humbling...

The best bit of it kids watch me do these little labors and they now watercolour, too. Even getting a little paper snobby on me when I try to give them inferior paper. Another cool thing is, for mothers Day, my wife doesn't want me buying flowers...that doesn't mean she doesn't WANT my boy and I go the park and pick out what ever we can that will work...not much blooming this year so we got a bunck of colorful weeds and grassy plants. Ha! the memories are often times the product of the skecth!

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