Monday, August 12, 2013

Sketch experiment

These sketches were done on site and left for friends, family and even strangers as small gifts. The challenge was trying to document the images since I was not bringing them home to scan. So an experiment ensued. I photographed each with my iphone and then tweaked in photoshop at this later date.

The first sketch in NC was a warm up for the week. It found it's way to Toronto.

The first shell study found it's way to Dallas.

This sketch was still wet when photographed, it remained in Toronto where it was constructed.

The classic napkin sketch was of a pianist in the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It remained there as a thank you for a wonderful concert of classics.

In Terminal B at the Atlanta international airport is my favorite airport restaurant in the states, Cafe Intermezzo. This was left in addition to the tip...A thankyou for another great meal!

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  1. Gorgeous. Always love those coffee rings, and fantastic job photoshopping these-- they look like high-quality scans.