Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Salt Lake City Coffee review

I have no idea how much money I have spent on coffee. I am sure if I had invested every dime instead of downing each caffeinated concoction, I would probably have more time to experience coffee...around the world with out fear of being late to work...that or I would have had enough to get the first of my children through school. Either way, my habit continues and having visited recently Salt Lake City, I got into a search and discover mode of trying to discover the local coffee fare.

Two discoveries were made. Sugarhouse Coffee and Coffee Garden. Both have a type of grunge chic, with minimal decor and and various seating options. Sugarhouse seems to have found itself in what looks to be a gentrified area of SLC. The coffee was okay, the house, spacious. Compositionally the colors were magnificent and the volume allowed for an interesting sketch. The girl at the counter is the same girl sitting at the table on the left, writing vigorously in her journal.

The second discovery was found at the Nines, the intersection of 900 East and 900 North. a very small intersection of arts trying really hard to be hip. This coffee shop was dense with very studious people, all distressed staring into their laptops as if to say every noise at a busy coffee shop was intruding into their personal endeavors and temporary occupancy of an uncomfortable bench. The coffee was very good. and while the seating area seemed typical the counter space was decadent. It also helped that a genuine gelato shop was just east at the next corner.

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