Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cafe Kubal Opening Downtown Syracuse

Cafe Kubal had their first day in Downtown Syracuse on December 12th. It was a quiet opening as they were fixing all the kinks. But It just happened I was downtown that day and was surprised to see them brewing the espresso. So I popped in and documented the opening in a brief sketch.


  1. I enjoy your sketch of the opening day scene at Cafe Kubal. Especially the way you incorporated split perspectives of the coffee cup. As for the ring-shapped coffee stain, these seem to pop up in all kinds of visual references to coffee. Very common on book covers. What are the other options for emblems of authenticity?

    --Jim Emmons

  2. Jim- Thanks for the comment. Good question about the coffee stain and Authenticity. I really haven't explored other options of authenticity, but you propose a thoughtful challenge. When I first started this series I debated whether it was too contrived an element. But in the end it represents a little more then a stain. While everything in the drawing is controlled(ie. composition, perspective, edited components, etc.) the stain, with exception to its placement, is somewhat out of my control. It bleeds, swells, flattens, merges and blurs the original lines. On a more mundane level, it also documents the true dimension of the bottom edge of the cup. This is interesting because it is the only thing "to scale" of the place.