Saturday, October 8, 2011

Surreal trip to NYC-Oct 4 2011

Amy and I  had, what could best be described as, a surreal experience when we were flown down to NYC as guests of Glenn Beck.(See the post below of July 5th showing one of the two sketches given to Beck). With his new set constructed, we were invited down to document the set of his new network on GBTV

We had an amazing tour of his office and the studio. During which we had the pleasure of meeting him and thanking him for the opportunity to come down. Here are a few skectches during our visit.

The set panoramic

The crew

Artifacts from his office.


  1. Looks like quite a day! Great sketches!

  2. Glorious! One day you should come and sketch our nothing-like-beck studio. I dig that panorama.